DIY Plush Flower Pots – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We have a very beautiful pattern to share with you. Ready to fall in love for an amazing flower? We are sure you’re gonna be happy to start making it. DIY Plush Flower Pots are amazing, full of color and delicacy. It is a piece that you can make for different occasions. Decorate an environment, have it in the center of your table, decorate the girls’ room.

And you can make it in different sizes, with several flowers of different colors. There are many options, just be creative and rock the choices. Always remember to choose quality materials for all crafts you make. In addition to lasting beautiful for longer, but enhance the beauty, dedication and whim that you put in each piece.

If you don’t usually work with fabrics because you don’t have a machine, this pattern is for you. All stitches are hand sewn. Easy and quick to make. The required fabric sizes are small. If you have scraps left over from other crafts, it’s a great option to use them. It may be that some items are different from what we are used to using, but we are sure you have them around the house.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Birds Party

In addition to decorating the environment, how about gifting dear people with this beautiful arrangement? You can make several flowers and assemble as if it were a beautiful bouquet. There are many possible adaptations, we are sure you will rock. The complete DIY plush flower pots pattern is available at Birds Party.

There you will have access to the entire list of materials, step by step, photos and assembly instructions. We hope you enjoyed it and are already full of ideas to complement this pattern. It’s like that with crafts, the more we do, the more creative we become. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We will be very happy to know everything you guys are doing. See you soon with more ideas to share!

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