Enterlaced Braided Crochet Stitch

The crochet technique has many options, some of which are typical of an area or region, such as the point of Tunisia or tissue Afghanistan. Eva Maria Torres DeLabores explains step by step this crochet technique.

Technique crochet Tunisian or Afghan tissue. This type of crochet is distinguished by the tool you use to work, or a long hook “Afghan”. You must choose a size that is at least two sizes larger than the hook that you would normally use with the same thread.

Another feature of Tunisian crochet is that you do not turn your work between the lines. Instead, the front of the fabric is always facing each other. Generally, you create tissue Tunisian crochet, alternating “Forward” and “Return” lines.

The attacker moves line from right to left as you pick up points, leaving them on the hook shaft. And the return line moves from left to right as you remove the hook points.

Here you will learn how to make a Tunisian crochet fabric using the Tunisian basic single point. Let’s start!

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