Crochet Bernat Scandinavian Snowflake Afghan

Crochet Bernat Scandinavian Snowflake Afghan, a pattern for you who are looking for a cozy and beautifully designed blanket style. That pattern that takes you into the Christmas atmosphere. This blanket is perfect, because we are really talking about a beautiful piece. A blanket made in the union of its various pieces. Where its size will be defined by the quantity of these pieces. The nice thing is that you can make one for each member of the family.

Nowadays, who wouldn’t want to have the knowledge and the ability to make a crocheted blanket. Surely many have this desire. I believe that having such a precious piece at home is very nice. The detail of the piece has a special touch because of its shape. It is very interesting, because this piece will help us decorate different typesof furniture such as the sofa, armchair, cradle or bed.

Still talking about decoration, let’s be more specific and talk about the crochet blanket for sofa. It is one of the simplest and, at the same time, very interesting products. Certainly with the blanket it is possible to give a totally different face to the sofa. And it can still be a cheap and smart alternative to hide holes and stains that you may have in the fabric. These aspects or imperfections are quite common in leather sofas and armchairs. However, prevention is better, so we should use the crochet sofa blanket as a cover. Protecting and preventing stains and tears from occurring in the fabric.

The ideal and most interesting is to choose a model that has a darker color. Such as brown, lead, and even dark green. For they will receive the stains in a less prominent way and can be used for longer. These are some tips, but the choice of color and model is yours. Pay attention to the colors of your furniture, thinking about the color combination and its harmony.

Crochet Bernat Scandinavian Snowflake Afghan is a perfect piece for the colder days. And it can warm us up when we are watching that beautiful movie on the sofa or in bed. Comfortable and beautiful, it is very easy to make. The blanket suggested here is in beautiful colors, but the choice of colors is up to your taste. And according to your decoration to make the room very cozy.

For cold days, the blanket used on the sofa or on the bed, besides completing the decoration, is a perfect accessory to keep you warm. The blanket is simple to make, and with few materials you can make it.

Bernat Scandinavian Snowflake Crochet Afghan that can also be used as a stirrup. Elegant and understated, this work is worth investing in this beautiful stitch used here.

Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the look of the house with comfort, leaving everything very elegant and very beautiful. The sofa blanket is increasingly used and is already part of the decoration. Use your creativity and make beautiful pillows that match the blanket and give a touch of charm and good taste to your room or living room.

Free Pattern/Photos Available: Yarnspirations


With little material and using your knowledge of crochet to carefully follow the charts. You can certainly make this magnificent and charming blanket. It can be a beautiful gift for someone you love very much, to complete your home decor.

Come on, now you can make your Crochet Bernat Scandinavian Snowflake Afghan blanket. The pattern is here to help you get the result you expect.

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