Circle of Friends Throw Crochet

Welcome to our site, it is always good to receive your visits here, sharing the standards to improve your performance and increase your list of projects and knowledge. Today we go from a crochet pattern that I have seen, always alternating to have new crochet and patchwork news for you.

The pattern of today is known as Circle of Friends Throw crochet, it is a very beautiful pattern to make and that can use several sizes, it has a beautiful format to see and we can mix several colors. Looking like a mandala for being able to put several colors.

This pattern we can make vair projects such as cushion cover, quilt, blanket, blanket for sofa or for baby, table path, ornament for any appliance, finally thousands of things.

Sometimes we’re sitting on the porch or sofa at home and looking at the furniture we have ideas of what we can do. So we have to think and let the imagination flow.  

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I leave you images for inspiration and pattern free with all the information and sizes for you.

I loved being able to color and I’m also thinking of a design with this Circle of Friends Throw Crochet pattern with light colors for a baby blanket. Enjoy and good work.

Pattern Free – ▶ Circle of Friends Throw Crochet ◀

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