Star of Bethlehem Block

Hello artisans and quilt lovers. This hexagonal shape is easy to use when attaching to a piece of paper in English, handling much better, but you can use the same techniques as EPP to create blocks in a number of different ways.

The Star of Bethlehem block consists of diamond shapes, square, triangle, making it ideal for learning to use English paper pieces in many unique shapes. This block ends as a 12 “square; Add borders to a single block for a good tapestry or ask for more blocks to make a quilt.

Using heavy paper or card stock, make enough copies of the models for all parts of your block, thus having several “copied parts.” Tip: For any EPP block that will be limited or sewn into another block in a quilt, leave an extra 3/8 “of paper along the outer edge of the outer parts as shown for A and;

This will allow you to have ease and help you, this advantage will make it easier to assemble. We are here to help you get the most out of your doubts and give you all the information you need to quickly become a professional quilter.

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