Berry Leaf Table Runner

Hello and good morning my dearest friends, how are you doing on this lovely day? I hope this post finds you all well and healthy. Also, I hope this post inspires you to start a new project, after all, this is why we are here: to inspire and bring new ideas, to refresh our crochet thoughts and keep doing amazing projects. 

As you already know, we are in our Holiday season.Everything on the streets is Christmas and here could not be different. With our last posts, we have been bringing to you some of the magic of the moment. 

We already have some nice decoration options, because of that we have been thinking and searching for more magical ideas for you to bring Christmas spirit into your home and home of your clients and loved ones.

Berry Leaf Table Runner |

Recipe and materials // Berry Leaf Table Runner 

One of the center pieces of any house is the lunch or dinner table. It is there where we have our main meals of the day and reunite with our families daily. Therefore we could not leave a table runner out of the projects we need to make for our Christmas to be more complete and decorated.

Berry leaves are definitely a well known symbol of Christmas, they represent the sweetness in life and character. There is no color mistake, red, green and white are the yarns you need to produce this beautiful item. Would be nice to mix some golden yarn if you have, this brings a special sparkle to your table runner. 

What did you think about this idea? Do you guys like to decorate all of your houses Christmas themed? Or you keep just a tree? Let me know in the comments, you know we love to exchange ideas as always as possible. Cannot wait to meet you soon, for more christmassy projects. See you, hugs and kisses!

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