Sleigh Bells Stocking

Ho ho ho and good afternoon my friends and colleagues of the crafts world. It is such a great honor to have you here one more time with us. We know that there are many amazing blogs and websites around the internet, because of that, having you here with us means a lot. How are you today? Ready to start something new? I hope so.

Well, there is no denying anymore, Christmas is coming closer and closer to us and that is awesome. Here, we love the holiday season, do you not? Do you guys have a more loved holiday than Christamas? If so, it is surprising, and tell us, what is your favorite holiday? And why?

As for our special season, we brought today a new patchwork pattern. Our Christmas tree pillowcase was such a great success, we thought it would be nice to give you more patchwork ideas and options.


We already have a Christmas bell recipe, this is crochet. For the patchwork decoration item, we decided to go for the stocking, a well known Christmas symbol. It is where Santa Claus leaves our presents, or coals if we were not very good kids during the year.

The stockings recall the fullness of our lives and the importance of grounding down into our feet. They help us stand strong on the earth, warming the foundations of life as we draw strength from our roots.

For the Christmas Stocking you can be a little more creative with the colors. It is not necessary to keep red, green and yellow. You can make different colors for each one who is getting a stocking. We hope you have a blast making these beautiful stockings and home becomes even more magical. See you in our next project, bye-bye!

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