Christmas Patchwork Pillow

Hello there! How nice it is to meet you once again here, with us, ready to start a new project. And this is not just any item, as you already know, we are going through a Christmas series, full of magic and beautiful projects to make and create! I hope you are ready and excited as we are to start something new.

Since we are going after different items to decorate our homes and bring the Christmas magic into the environments, we are looking for brand new ideas each day. If you check our blog, you will see we have a table runner, amigurumi and Christmas bell to use as an ornament.

If you are a big holiday enthusiast, you probably want to insert Christmas reminders in every room you have, with as many details as possible. Well, not a problem, at all! This is one of the reasons we are here, to bring more and more innovative, useful and why not, gorgeous ideas.

Christmas Patchwork Pillow // Full tutorial 

Looking back at the latest posts we have presented for you these last days, we have been missing some living room items. That is why we have a pillow case today, not any pillowcase, following your festive theme, a Christmas pillowcase, this one, a Christmas Tree pillowcase. 

Patchwork is an amazing and mesmerizing artisanal handwork, the results are absolutely stunning. Since this is a Christmas related item, needless to say that we have a very specific color palette. There is no escape from green, red and white. You will also need some brown fabric for the tree trunk.

This requires some of your ability with the sewing machine, but if you dedicate some time I am sure you will be satisfied with the final result. Let us know in the comments how you decided to wear your pillowcase, it is always fun to exchange ideas. Have a great day, see you soon!

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