Tree Skirt Pattern

Good morning my friends, it is time to rise and shine! It is great to have you here once more. We know that there are many amazing places to learn crafts around the internet, so it means a lot when you choose one of the projects we carefully pick to present to you.

How have you been doing these last days? I know holiday times are so busy, getting the Christmas dinner and lunch ready, buying presents for our loved ones, getting our homes cozy and stellar to receive family, friends and the magic of Crhistmas.

As you already know, we are going through our Christmas special series, bringing you many options to take the Christmas spirit to your clients homes and, or, bring into your own home as well.


And for today, we have a tree skirt, perfect to add that final touch for your tree. Usually, trees are the star of Christmas decorations. They are undeniably the main character indoor, full of meaning.

Because the evergreen flourishes all year round, it came to symbolize eternal life through Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. However, the custom of bringing tree branches indoors in the winter began with the ancient Romans, who decorated with greenery in the winter or put up laurel branches to honor the emperor.

This skirt recipe has two versions you can choose, according to the skills you want to practice. We have a knitting and a quilt version and the recipes for each. The only thing that does not change is the traditional Christmas colors. Enjoy and have a blast making this for your home! Have great holidays, be with your family and friends and enjoy! We cannot wait to meet you again next year. Bye-bye and Merry Christmas!

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