Color Pooling Crochet

Come and meet my new addiction, the Color Pooling Crochet. If you were looking for the internet and did not find the perfect pattern for creating your new job, you have found the perfect place to heal all doubts and difficulties.

No more need to be sad, we’ll explain everything. The technique that already makes the head of those in love by that point a long time ago, arrived at our website and with all the details. Be prepared to exhaust all the merged lines that are standing in your closets (if you find any mixed with eye-catching colors, rush buy and leave it separate for the new project!)

This site is your new friend. The site craftideas was created by a good person of heart and always with the intention to help, and helps you to see how your work will be before you even start. It saves time (and several meters of lines) that we have no idea. You basically will do a lot of low points, and count how many points each color the line gave.

Whenever you have doubts or problems in creating your new project, come here and fill up with information, and put them into practice, creating the long-awaited artwork. The greater your doubts, but we will be happy to help. We hope that we can awaken in you, readers and lovers of crochet, the creativity and the courage to begin and end the so dreamed works.

Color Pooling Crochet

Color Pooling Crochet

Color Pooling is nothing more than taking advantage of the color change that a blended line makes to form patterns. Basically you will always make the same point, and in the end will end up with a lovely stamped piece to thrill.

Using the blended lines, we will have a totally original work and a professional perfection. But is creation so easy? Although some (few) artisans have been lucky enough to get a pattern without counting points, the most guaranteed way is to count the points that each color has, and using our site we will teach you. With it you will have total control of the design you want, be it chess, with straight lines, only of blemishes.

Color Pooling Crochet: Where Do I Start? Buy a blended line, preferably with color changes at short intervals. The needle can be either, but it must be the same from the beginning to the end. Then make a long chain and identify the pattern of this line (eg green, blue, purple and pink).

Notice, along this chain, this pattern repeating itself. Choose the color to start with, and let’s get started. And then? You keep doing the sequence you started, making sure that each color always keeps the same number of points and direction, as shown in the graph. And watch the beauty of the project happen.

Useful Tips

1. Start with a not so good line and simple swap. If I were you, I would avoid one with many color changes.
2. Line Gradient does not provide Color Pooling. They are beautiful, but unfortunately we will not have the work with the precise conclusion.
3. Basically all castings will be perfect.

There are other techniques for wires with long exchanges, as well as the possibility of using other points to achieve this achievement (like the moss point, which is low + wire) and dc cluster (three high points at the same point). But if you master the technique with the bass, the sky is the limit!

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