Radius braided cardigan

Warm and elegant jackets are indispensable in cold weather. When a particular skill you have your hands to create aspects of the product and for the day the image of day, and to leave the light. Associate a single ray coat for beginners can be very fast, if you select the current great binding.

Who says knitting is unique grandmas?

  The truth is that this ancient technique is much older than that, having begun by the Egyptians that gave points the wires to form a tough, elastic cloth. Today, the art of knitting has won people of all ages and knitting patterns are no longer exclusive to the magazines that buy the kiosks. The knitting also modernized and today there is a plethora of sites with useful information, tips and molds entirely devoted to knitting.

you continue to knit everything in shemku, gum on the one hand, everything is shortened. Figure below Cock after it should be all clear 300 percent. Shortened like you understand, well, I will write at once to whom it is necessary – it is if the knit according to the scheme number 1, (after number “and” he is fit), 3 PHI. 20 persons. 1 and PHI. turn the fabric inside out and not provyazyvaya first loop knit on wrong side before the end of a series of PHI facial and individuals – PHI, then knit number 3 – 3 PHI, 20 persons, 3 PHI, 15 persons, 1 PHI and then again turn…. web and neprovyazyvaya first loop knit number 4 within the meaning again. Then knit 5, 6.7 series, then number 9 again knit shortened Cockmethods have other knitted cropped, well, I like, and a simple wayCock

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