Single crochet stitch – Strawberry

This point crochet strawberry has a look very beautiful because the strawberries are interleaved and are not piled up on each other. Along with the strawberry point video teaches conducted crochet point technique that can be used in several other points thus creating a greater diversity in their crochet work. So this point can be used in various types of work, just use your creativity and follow the video.

He is very well explained and certainly managed to make this delightful spot, easily It is a very simple point to make, and with only two red lines of colors that should be very similar to the strawberry color and line in green, choose a tone that resembles the leaf color.

Choosing the right colors your work will be even more natural. Strawberry Shortcake point Crochet a wonderful point, which really gives us the impression of a lot of, beautiful and delicate that will be perfect for decorating that dishcloth or path table and all your creativity to imagine.


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