Christmas Wreath Amigurumi

Ho ho ho and good afternoon my friends, how are you going today?I hope this post finds you all well and healthy, ready to begin a brand new Christmas project. As we talked in previous posts we are in a full christmassy mode around here and it is the best.

Holidays are a great time to gather with our loved ones. For those who have relatives living further than the ideal, this is the best period to reunite our dear families and friends, there is no better time. The decor always plays an important part during these days, it brings the joy and magic that make these moments so special.

Just like we shared with you guys, our idea is to bring as many different ideas as possible. These different ideas include various items, techniques and levels of skill. This way, all of us can try at least something to make Christmas even more joyful.

Amigurumi Christmas Wreath // Full Tutorial 

Here, we present to you the Amigurumi Christmas Wreath. This will take some time to be produced and there are many details. However all the work will be worth it, the final result is a beautiful wreath with many Christmas symbols to welcome your visitors this time of the year.

There is no way to escape the colors, very traditional and significant of Christmas. Therefore, you are going to need cotton yarn in the following colors: white, red, green and light pink for Santa Claus’ skin. With this color match you will have stockings, Santa Claus faces and presents on your wreath.

This is a project full of details, but the tutorial we have left you above is also very detailed. I am sure it will help with the production of your wreath. Let me know how it went and how easy, or not, was it for you. There are other wreath ideas, would like more options? Tell us in the comments. Until our next project, see you soon!

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