Centerpiece Nautique Flower Crochet

Hi, fellow artisans and Crochet Lover, that our site can help to clarify the doubts and problems we face when we start a new project. This site is complete for you to keep always updated. How are your jobs? What are the next projects you have in mind? We hope you enjoy all the materials available for free.

On this subject, I leave you with several tips and a fantastic step-by-step not to leave for your new creation. So let’s go there to create a sensational centerpiece with flowers.

This work of art created in crochet and produced with the hands will make all the difference in the environment, a detail in its kitchen, an art rises in the table. The eyes will shine with joy at seeing the perfection that your hands can create.

With this tutorial, you will create a great job to give as a gift, take it home and it is also essential to have it in your store always amid the varieties in your products. Come on. Talking about how to start and then create the piece without difficulty, goes some tips on how a little thread, needle and love can turn into a piece of crochet.

This piece of the image that we are going to teach here, measures approximately 55cm x 120cm and can have a great variety of colors (enjoy the colors of Christmas) and can be chosen according to your taste. The color of the flowers can be combined with the interior of the piece to have an inspiration with your environment, your kitchen or the place that will be placed.

I’m sure this centerpiece will look beautiful on any surface you put on. My idea for you: I think it will look super beautiful on the coffee table, or on the kitchen table.

Let’s leave the graphics of this pattern free: The first one shows how to make the reasons and how to make the assembly work; the second shows details of flower relief.

The third shows how to group the bars. We will leave the work photos ready to inspire you in our page and group, and soon after a video tutorial, to minimize the doubts and difficulties encountered by us crochet lovers.

I hope you enjoy and make great use of these tutorials, learning more and more. This site was created by a person of good heart, with the intention of helping and offering help to all the people who create dreams. Enjoy our site and all the free standards we offer. See you in the next pattern.

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