Best Dressed Vest – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello darlings! Another week is starting and we hope you enjoyed your weekend with the people you love. We are full of ideas and new patterns to share with you, one more beautiful than the other. Today we are going to crochet a little, come back with this technique that is our favorite and make the best dressed vest. We can do so many things with a yarn and a crochet hook that we can hardly believe the results.

For those who follow the fashion world and love to follow fashion trends, you may have noticed that looks with crochet pieces are increasingly common, and one of the options is crochet vests. The crochet vest is a piece that cannot be missing in your closet. Whether for winter or summer, it is versatile and is the right choice to complement the look, giving a touch of elegance.

The right yarn for you should be the one that meets your needs. Vests to wear on colder days should be warmer, so thicker lines are indicated. For warmer days, you won’t want to be hot, so finer lines are your best choice. As for colors, the sky is the limit. You can choose more classic colors, black, gray, beige. To make the look more prominent, you can do it with more vibrant colors, red, green, blue, yellow.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Oth Crochet Nook

A lot of details can be added to the vest. Fringes, pom poms, flowers. Use your creativity to create a piece that has your identity. Vests are great options for gifting dear friends. Impossible not to be happy to receive such a beautiful, versatile and perfect piece to complement our looks. The best dressed vest pattern is available in Oth Crochet Nook.

You will make the front part separate from the back and then sew them together. As for the length of the vest, you can also change it by increasing the rounds. We are sure that with the detailed pattern, there will be no doubts. Tell us what do you think, let us know in the comments. We hope you enjoy and love the vest as excited as we are. Gather everything you need and let’s crochet!

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