Bramble Cocktail Shawl

Bramble Cocktail Shawl, a beautiful piece that can help a lot when putting together your look to go out. Very sophisticated, it will give a much more beautiful highlight to any type of look you want to compose, which can help you a lot. Knowing how to compose different shawls, you can do the miracle of multiplication in your wardrobe, which can help you a lot with those clothes you barely wear. A beautiful way to make amazing products that will please your customers for sure.

A perfect accessory to complete that elegant outfit on milder nights giving a feminine touch to the look and leaving you with a wonderful and charming touch. Bramble Cocktail Shawl, a beautiful, delicate and beautiful piece for very special occasions, as it helps you put together many looks.

Take advantage of the art of crochet to make other pieces that accompany this shawl, such as a beautiful hat to keep perfectly warm. Making pieces that complete your look with this shawl you can assemble incredible looks.

Bramble Cocktail Shawl

Pattern / Images / Tutorial By: Diwy By Titti

Yarn consumption:
Original yarn: Sheep whirl, whirl ombre or woolly whirl, 1 ball.
Katia silky lace, 4 balls
Katia Stella, 2 balls
Black sheep baby, 10 skeins (25 grams)
Black sheep baby merino, 10 skeins (25grams)
Crochet hook: 3.5 mm

Lm = air stitch
Fm = fixed stitch
St = post
Hst = half post
Dst = double post
Relfm = make dc around tr, instead of through loop.
3 pcs until = crochet 1 tr, but wait with the last pull-through, crochet 3 more in the same way, but
wait with the last pull-through, make a wrap and pull the thread through all the loops. Thus
have you crocheted 3 sts together for one stitch.


Our Crew Opinion About This Amazing Pattern

A shawl that will make your look complete and very charming. This Bramble Cocktail Shawl is very beautiful and will change your look leaving you very beautiful and stylish. It is easy to make and has a beautiful stitch that gives an incredible touch to the piece, which is great and only makes the piece more charming.

So, do you want to make this wonderful Bramble Cocktail Shawl? So carefully follow the tutorial and you can make this beautiful dress easily. A tip we give you is: Separate all your material and all your tools to make this beautiful dress while following the tutorial, so you will be able to make this dress quickly is easy.

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