Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug a beautiful piece for decoration that gives us great joy in being able to make something so beautiful and charming like that. Perfect for any environment and that leaves the decoration clear, beautiful and with a beautiful highlight. This is the kind of rug that stands out for its fine, well-made stitches that everyone loves. A very interesting way to use rug for the living room is to opt for a model that can accommodate most of the furniture, thus, the rug is highlighted in the environment.

The crochet rug is much more than pieces used on the floor to clean your feet, many of them are beautiful and serve to decorate your home, making everything more beautiful. For the accessory to look good it is necessary to know how to choose mainly the colors that should match your decor and your style, remember that well.

It will certainly be great when you finish your new crochet work to see that the result is very delicate and beautiful. And it is also possible to vary the colors although neutral is good in all environments and decoration of your home. It’s a perfect piece to increase your sales and please your customers.

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Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Crafts Tutsplus


Yarn t-shirt (also called Zpagetti) in two colors that complement each other. You’ll need about threes cones of yarn in total.
Crochet hook in a size suitable for t-shirt yarn. I’m using a 15mm hook.
A large darning needle for sewing in the ends.
A pair of scissors.

  1. Crochet Round One

Step 1
Using the main color yarn, make a magic ring and secure with a stitch. Chain 3 (counting as one dc), then crochet 11 double crochets in the ring.

Step 2
Pull the ring closed. Join with a slip stitch in the third chain of the first ch 3.


  1. Crochet Round Two
    Chain 3 (counting as 1 dc), work another dc in the same stitch, then work 2dc in each stitch around. Join with a slip stitch in the top ch of the starting ch3.
  2. Crochet Round Three
    Chain 3 (counting as 1dc), work 2dc in the next stitch, then 1dc, 2dc around. Join with a slip stitch in the top ch of the starting ch3.

Our Team’s Opinion About This Pattern

Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug, a beautiful doily rug for you that will change your decor of your house in a stylish way. This is a piece that is always needed, that’s why it is so famous and required. This piece will surely make your customers want one like it, which will help you in sales!!

Want to make this incredible Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug? Then set aside all your material and tools before starting your piece so that you already have everything close at hand, this way it’ll be easy to carry out this project, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’ m sure that you will be able to make this amazing work easily.

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