Crochet Spike Stitch

Let’s see step by step to learn how to make the Stitch Spike, crochet, is an interesting point to learn and make in garments such as hats, scarves and especially in blankets to weave in different sizes, explained Hoperful in A step by step video.

Point Stitch Spike where we would all like to do. I always see in many tutorials and many readers ask me by this point with graphics and videos, so we look for the best of the internet to make it easier for you.

When you create a regular simple crochet stitch, as you know, you work directly on the stitch of the previous thread. A peak happens when you form that same point, but it works two, three, or four lines down.

Different stitch lengths can be combined in several ways to create fun geometric designs. Learn how this method can add dramatic graphic design to your project.

This point brings us to a deep sweetness and delicacy, the Stitch Spike is a versatile point, if you use creativity and your time, I am sure that wonderful pieces will be created, let your imagination flow sitting in a cozy place, calm so your Mind be quiet to start maybe one of the most beautiful projects you have ever done.

Crochet Point Tutorial

– sc: single crochet
– ch: current
– C1: color 1
– C2: color 2
– SP-2: spike stitch 2 lines below
– SP-3: spike stitch 3 lines below
– SP-4: spike stitch 3 lines below


With C1, chain 12. Work 4 rows even of sc.

Join C2, ch1, then rotate to start the new line.
Insert the hook into the space below in the second row below the hook.
Pull a loop by pulling the wire up enough so that it is the same as the other loop on your hook.
Thread the wire and pull the two loops (like a simple ordinary crochet), completing the SP-2.
Make a SP-3 point in the next space, working on the third line below.
SP-4, following the same steps, but working on the fourth line below.
Continue (SP-2, SP-3, SP-4) to the end of the line. Make your own variation to a different graphic pattern! Work another 4 rows of sc before joining C1 and work another spike stitch line.

Do not waste time thinking it is not worth the patience because it is the key to anyone who likes crochet. Many use as therapy even to cure depression .. but let’s what you expect …. Ready ???

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Follow the graphic and the video Tutorial of the Pattern!


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