Idlewild Dress – Crochet Pattern

You know that time when we need an outfit and never have the piece you need? With the Idlewild dress this feeling will pass. This crochet dress is wonderful. You can use it in many ways. Whether with leggings, jeans, make it longer. It’s drapey, comfy and shows you care about the look, but not just that.

Don’t really like dresses? You can extend the bodice of the pattern and add a shorter lace skirt, just to give the piece an extra charm. Plus, you can do it for your little one too. Both sizes are available in the standard, teaching you how to increase and decrease the dimensions of the dress. It’s a perfect piece for milder temperatures, warmer days.

When choosing the line, as it is a dress for warmer days, do not use winter lines. There are lines that can be washed in the washing machine, this makes cleaning clothes much easier. But make sure the line is allowed for this otherwise, in a short time, your dress will be worn out. Whichever line you choose, check the pattern so that the pattern gauge swatch and adjust your hook size accordingly before you commit to the entire dress.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Make and Do Crew.

If you are a beginner in crochet, but you already have confidence and have done some work with the technique, read the pattern and see if there are many doubts. If you understand everything, time to crochet! The complete Idlewild Dress pattern is available from Make and Do Crew.

You will find a very complete pattern, with all the information and important tips for making the dress. Size changes are also available. It is a great opportunity to enjoy and train many techniques, making blouses and dresses for adults and children. We are very happy to be able to bring all this information to you. Let’s crochet!

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