Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress

Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress, have you ever wanted to do a dress that could give your princess a cute look? Well here it is. A beautiful model that is worth investing for those who work with crafts with that special touch of love that only moms know how to give, this piece can help a lot in sales and will be very successful because moms and grandmothers always love pieces like this. This piece can be made of various colors that make this piece even better.

This beautiful Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress will provide your princess with a wonderful look that she will love, and you will be able to make this piece with your own hands, which is even better. This type of piece always gives a special and charming touch when dressing the girl because crochet pieces have a special and very beautiful touch that everyone will love.

Make beautiful crochet ornaments or use some ready to decorate this wonderful Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress, I am sure you will love the different result it will have. It is always good to remember that it is worth using your creativity to create new pieces.


Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress

Tutorial / Images / Pattern By: Pixie Heart Strings


The author used about 1 & 1/2 5 ounce skeins of Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn. You can use any
light (3) yarn.
E & G Hooks
3 Buttons

Directions Using your E hook:

1) Chain 62 then DC in 4th CH from hook and every DC across chain. CH 3 turn.

2) Skip 2 DC then (DC 1, CH 2, DC 1) (CH 2 V stitch made) in the next DC, Skip 2 DC
repeat from * to * across. DC in last DC. CH 3 turn. 19 CH 2 V stitches.

3) 3 DC in each CH 2 space across. DC in turning CH of previous row. CH 3 turn. 19 3
DC clusters.

4) (DC, CH 2, DC) in 1st DC. Skip 1 DC then ( DC 1, CH 2, DC 1) in next DC. Skip 1 DC Repeat from * to * across. CH 3 turn. 28 CH 2 V stitches made.

5) Repeat row 3. 28 3 DC clusters.

6) Repeat row 4. 42 CH 2 V stitches made.

7) Repeat row 3. 42 3 DC Clusters.

8) This is the row we separate the front, back, and sleeve sections. Working as in row 4,
make a CH 2 V stitches across 6 3 DC clusters. Then CH 6 and skip the next 8 3 DC
clusters. Working again as in row 4, make a CH 2 V stitch across 12 3 DC clusters, Ch
6, and skip the next 8 3 DC clusters. Finish by working a CH 2 V stitch across the last 6
3 DC clusters.

9) Work 3 DC in every CH 2 V stitch across row and every other chain of both chain 6.
SS into top of 1st DC made to connect sides. You will now work in rounds. You will
NOT turn anymore.

10) SC in the back loop only of each DC of previous row.


The Opinion Of Our Team

This Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress is stylish and believe me, you will love the result it has in your princess look. The way this beautiful dress will make your princess wonderful will surprise everyone, who doesn’t love to see a princess in her beautiful and stylish dress?

Let’s make this beautiful Pixie’s Pretty Pink Dress? It is very easy to do, just separate your materials and your tools so that you can follow the tutorial while performing the process, so everything is easier and you do not make mistakes when making the piece, besides everything goes perfect!

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