Ribbon Owl Rug – Crochet Pattern

Hello dear friends! Shall we crochet? Today the pattern is a beautiful crochet rug that comes out of traditional formats, the Ribbon Owl Rug. Crochet rugs are great pieces to decorate the environment, as well as being very useful. This pattern is so cute and the ideas of where to use it are endless. Because it is a more cheerful pattern, it is perfect in the children’s room or in a playroom.

Outdoor areas also need rugs and this one is perfect. If you already have practice in the crochet technique and want to make different sizes to compose rug kits, it won’t be difficult. If you are a beginner, follow the steps first, keeping the size. Gradually, with practice and dedication, everything gets easier.

We started to understand the points, the technique, how to make changes, we became more confident. Take a chance, grab a piece of yarn left over from another project and test your ideas. That’s how new patterns, new stitches emerge. Owl rugs are not only in fashion, but also sweet and cute to look at. In the photos you can see several color options to help you create and decide which one to choose.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Remember that you can decide in the colors on your own, so you get your very own unique owl. The list of materials needed is simple. You need yarn, crochet hook, darning needle and fabric glue. The complete ribbon owl rug pattern is available on Ravelry. There you have all the step by step to guide you, size of the final piece, abbreviations of the stitches to understand the pattern.

First read and understand the entire pattern. So, you can keep working without having to go back many times to the basic instructions. We hope you like it and make many rugs to brighten up your home. For us is always a pleasure receive you here, to learn new crafts. We wish you a great weekend, full of art and colors!

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