Teddi, the Bear – Free Pattern

Hello everyone, welcome to Crochet Loves. Here you will find a huge variety of patterns, made using different techniques. I’m sure one of them will delight you and motivate you to start right now. I’m very excited to share today’s pattern with you, let’s go?

Teddi, the bear, is this friendly pattern that wins over everyone. That perfect piece to give as a gift to little ones, decorate their room and make everything even more joyful. Not to mention that you can do it with few materials and even reuse scraps left over from other projects, because a colorful bear has even more charm.

When we are starting to learn a technique, we don’t always have the money to invest in all the tools. If you haven’t yet given sewing a try because you don’t have a sewing machine, Teddi the Bear is here to help you. Here all the seams are done by hand and are far from impossible.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Zakka Art

One of the most important steps is to mark the template for all cuts. In the pattern you have access to this. Don’t forget to do them on the wrong side of the fabric and leave the edge so you have a margin for sewing. You don’t need to leave much, even if you don’t have much practice.

One detail that makes all the difference is leaving the knots on the inside of the bear. The finishing will be much more delicate and there will be no risk of someone pulling and ending up unsewing. Another tip is to have very good cutting scissors, one that doesn’t chew through the fabric. It may be a little more expensive, but you will see the difference. So, do you feel like starting now? Come and check out the pattern available at Zakka Art. The photos help you see the step by step and, if you have any questions, come and talk to us here in the comments. See you soon!


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