The Honeymoon Quilt Block

The Honeymoon Quilt Block, a way for you to be distracted by one of the most simple and elegant crafts, easy tips for you to learn how to make and create your own amazing pieces. The quilt block as it is called is a very beautiful craft practice in which we work to assemble a beautiful quilt. The craft is to make the blocks and join them with the seam, thus giving the shape of several pieces and allowing you to create great works.

The quilt is an art that is made piece by piece, with this, you can produce various types of decorative works, such as: Cushions, Bedspreads, Bags, Clothes, souvenirs and many others that your creativity can achieve. It is a very old craft, but still very used today.

With just a needle, thread and a few pieces or nieces of fabric you can provide several decorative objects for your home or even to sell and add an extra buck to your budget at the end of the month, which will help you a lot.

First of all it is very important that before starting your quilt you choose which model you intend to make. If it is all made of blocks or just yo – yo and make ruffles around or even if you want to take advantage of a quilt that you already have at home by placing yo – yo on top and bottom it looks like a lining, because there are several ways to make a quilt .

Now with the choice made, we will start working on the quilt, and for that you will need fabrics of the colors of your preference, color sewing thread matching the chosen fabric, scissors, hand needle and if you choose to do it a whole bedspread, you will also need fabric to cover the bedspread, remember all that.

Quilt is a technique that works with patchwork or whole fabrics and allows the artisan to create several different pieces, among them, a colorful and printed quilt. We selected a quilt tip made in patchwork and that can be used as bedding, it serves to decorate and leave your room with a cheerful and fun tone.

Free Pattern Available: The Honeymoon Quilt Block

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