Big solid granny square

One of the things I like to do in crochet is the old and good squares, or squares, that we go along to create wonderful pieces, that can be blankets, coats, cushions and whatever else the imagination commands. With a basic square we can play with colors and create unique designs, even if the motifs repeat themselves.

In 2010 I suffered an accident that left me 3 months in bed, I was bitter with life and I did not want to do anything anymore, I depended on help for everything, I broke 3 bones of the foot in a motorcycle accident, I almost go to heaven .. but God was merciful and gave me one more chance.

I did not believe what had happened to me. I was always very active. I always worked. I took care of my mother and my son. When I found myself in this situation, I thought I had no choice but to close my eyes day and night and not live. more. My very worried mother always prayed for me to get out of this and understand that everything was God’s mercy it was difficult to understand.

One day I was watching television on a nice channel I saw a woman crocheting a wheelchair … I thought ours !!! Will I get it ?? Because I could not walk either, but my hands were good.


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