Star Crochet Stitch – Free Pattern

Each crochet stitch brings a different beauty to the piece, as is the case with today’s pattern, the Star Crochet Stitch. Just as the crochet technique is super versatile, the possible stitches to make are many and the versatility is up to them too. Stitches that are more open are great for summer pieces, bags, some types of scarves.

Closer stitches are more recommended for making winter clothes, they are warmer and reduce the passage of wind. The star point is perfect for this. In the photos you can see it being used to make a beautiful coat. It’s a multitude of pieces, you can make women’s and men’s sweaters, baby clothes, bags.

You may find or have heard of this stitch by the name of “Marguerite stitch” or the “daisy stitch,” or even a “spiked cluster”. Another wonderful thing about this technique is that the yarn can change the end result a lot. Thinner strands give a very different result than thicker strands. If you have any leftover yarn, test the stitch and see the result.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: DIYfashionhub

This will help you when combining stitch, yarn and pattern. This point allows a variation in the number of spikes. The pattern teaches how to do it with five spikes. When making the first stars, you will understand that it is quite simple to increase or decrease the spikes. The pattern of this stitch forms rounds of starburst-like stitches, each worked with multiple loops.

The pattern is available on DIYfashionhub, in pdf, with all the step by step and photo to help you in the process. I loved this point and I already have several ideas for items to make, do you too? Tell us everything here, in the comments. We love to know your opinion, if you are enjoying the content. Now, shall we practice this point? Time to crochet!

Star Crochet Stitch

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