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Hello crochet lovers, welcome to our wonderful world of crochet, where we bring materials, patterns to you without charging for it. With texts and tutorials, let’s learn a bit more about patterns and increase your skills. As you all know, there are several new and recent stitches in the crochet world and we will leave you inside everyone. The crochet star point has a beautiful, thick texture and is great for dense drawings like cloths and winter blankets but can be used to do just about anything. This site came to help you get all the doubts and feel safe when you start the new project you are thinking about. Let’s learn how to do this.

The star point of the crochet can be made of stars with a variable number of points, so you will find different instructions for different variations at this point. These instructions are for making a five-pointed star point, which is one of the most common variations of this pattern of points. Learning how to make this version of the star point will help you understand how to make any other variation of the point.

The Crochet Star Point is a stitch that is worked on in various loops along the line. You make a “star” next to the other in the line. There are lines of dots between the rows of stars. This point is also called a “daisy point” or “daisy point” and can also be called a “pointed cluster”. The latter is good to know because it gives us a visual of how each “star” will be formed by a group of “tips”, which is useful to know, because eventually you will be working between some of the points.

How to start

It is quick to do and has the advantage of spending a littlebit of line. It is made with high point (P.A) closed together.

1) Make corr. the desired width for your work.

2) Make 4 corr. to climb, make 2 per year in the same place of corr. elongating a small loop to give the height and leave without closing (there are 3 points on the needle).

3) Skip 3 corr. and do 3 P.A as described previously (there are now 6 stitches on the needle). Close all together.

4) Do 4 races, 2 P.A in the same place without closing; 3 P.A (without closing) in the same place in the last 3; to jump 3 corr. and do 3 P.A (without closing). Notice that there were 9 stitches on the needle. Close all together. Repeat this step until the end of your career.

5) Restart as the second and third career.

Let’s leave a video tutorial to help you create and learn how to get a fabulous and professional look for any project you choose. So, without further ado, let’s learn this wonderful point. In this video, we will bring the ideal way to make the star and make the hands of the craftsmen, a machine of wonders and works that require a more detailed point, bringing perfection.

Point Crochet Star


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