Crochet Flower 3D

Hello! In this new video lesson you will learn step by step over a crochet flower and this is a super little flower, a crochet flower in full size with filling in 3D !! You will learn step by step this flower 3D Crochet !!!

The size of it is equal to a real flower and colors, the finish and delicacy make it just perfect !!

The class was made step by step to the avoidance of any doubt as to this amazing flower that will decorate our crochet work with elegance and good taste. This flower is already a hit among students and will leave you salivating just looking !!

It’s really perfect! So, watch now the lesson step by step this crochet flower and learn every detail of preparation of this work of art!

                    Check now the video lesson with step by step and learn how you too!

                       The audio is is the russians, more just place the legend function

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