Crochet Popcorn Stitch Flower Square

For all who love crochet this post is for you, plus an incredible pattern of crochet to learn and increase your skills and make more and more beautiful patterns. We artisans always have to update ourselves and seek knowledge to be always inside the news and improving our skills. Because only practicing patterns and different points that we improving our motor coordination with the line and needle. So let’s put our hands to work.

Today the pattern of crochet is of a square with a beautiful different design with structures that I am sure you will like. Many people have already made this pattern and loved it, it looks beautiful with more delicate pieces, the way it does is really interesting.

Whenever we make a new pattern, it gives us a sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction for having done a work with his own hands with his gift. Every work we’ve done with our hands has our sense of our dedication and time in the piece, I believe that most people make crafts because they like what they do, to see the piece being created by themselves, that’s the charm of craftsmanship.

Popcorn Stitch Flower Squares

Today we will talk about a crochet pattern that has a square shape that through this simple square we can make thousands of pieces. This pattern is called Popcorn Stitch Flower Squares, is a square flower pattern in the center made of popcorn point that gets a fantastic and fluffy result.

You can use it in different pieces, some examples are blankets, mainly baby blankets that stays a very delicate and fluffy piece and also being soft for the baby.

It is a great pattern for babies, besides this option you can make blankets for armchairs, decorations, dresses, sweaters or use to place where you want and find it beautiful.

I just loved this pattern for my blanket that I leave on my couch, this was my favorite crochet pattern from this year so far.

How to make

Like all crochet patterns, we can follow the step by step or modify some things as you want to use in the projects you want. Every time I see a design my imagination flows and I think from a blanket to a dress, the possibilities I can make with the pattern.

It is worth saving this pattern to be your next project, for me it was love at first sight. Before you start choose the yarn you will use and the colors, you can make all of one color or change the color in the square home, using two or more colors as you prefer, remembering that if you make a blanket for babies it is necessary to buy soft yarn.

I was able to leave you all about this pattern here in the post just below, I believe it will be useful for many people. Enjoy that you do not have to pay for anything, totally available.
For all who liked this pattern I leave the link with the step by step written that I found explaining correctly each step and other photos of this pattern ready, so even helping in the time to do.
Pattern Step by Step ↠ Popcorn Stitch Flower Squares 

After the step-by-step link you will find the square chart to help, many people prefer the chart than typed so I left the two and soon after have a video tutorial also explaining in practice.

So there’s no way you can not make this pattern, it’s totally complete with all the information in every way. So let’s practice, hope you enjoy it and good work to all of you.

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