Summer Mist Throw Crochet

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In this matter we will teach another new crochet point to add to your list of projects and skills. Very good to know how to earn more points every day. At first it seems difficult, but when you get the hang of practicing the points, everything gets better, nothing like improving the experience and the ability in practice to allow us to do new projects.

Before any beginning, there are always some doubts that make us think about not starting or continuing some work, and we continue to think, but I have already gone through it and will do my best to help them.

This item looks great with large pieces like blankets, sofa blankets, bedspreads and cardigans, but nothing prevents you from doing other things in various sizes and different colors, just a few tips for you.

Use your imagination, combine colors and do an original job. Have fun, the crochet is a mixture of calm with satisfaction and makes you happy when you see the end result.

I’ll leave a tip with some of the materials that can be used in creating a new project (I believe most of the accessories you already have).


One pound of Caron International (100% Acrylic, 16oz / 454g, 812yds / 742m):
580 Soft Sage (A): 1 fold
613 Lavender Blue (B): 1 fold
587 Light Green (C): 1 fold
577 Lilac (D): 1 fold
Size US K-10.5 (6.5 mm) or size to obtain the gauge
wire needle


In the standard, 9 sc = 4 “/ 10 cm and 6 repeat lines = 3 1/2” / 9 cm

The point today is called Summer Mist Throw, it looks like a two-point mix, but it’s just one, and that looks great. Just below, we will leave the pattern free in the name of the point, just click and enjoy.

We are here to help our craft readers complete their work easily and professionally.

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Pattern Summer Mist Throw Crochet 

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