Square crochet granny

One of the things we like to do in crochet are grandma’s good old squares, putting together to create wonderful pieces that can be blankets, coats, pillows and whatever your imagination tells you. With a small basic square, we can play with colors and create unique designs, even if the motifs are repeated.

The square is an incredible decoration. In addition to spaces of heat in the colder seasons, it brings color and texture to the compositions throughout the year. Handmade, it prints the originality of contemporary handmade houses and adds richness to the mix of references used to decorate a room.

For those who start the manual technique, square or rectangular versions are the simplest, but if you choose a simple point, small type of chain.

We are fans of crochet! And he is still a fan of his creative and daring use. If you want to guarantee some items to call it, this makes your life easier: just look at this small selection worked with cuteness!

Lets do this…

.The squares are very popular because with them we can create many pieces.

Pillows, bedspreads, towels, all you need is creativity.

Grandma’s crochet squares can also be used to make beautiful scarves if sewn on the thread – a job that requires fewer squares than a quilt.

Using a bigger needle and thicker wool will finish the bigger jobs faster.

If you are making a pot holder, use a cotton or wool thread, never use acrylic threads. The acrylic will melt with the heat.

When making a quilt, make sure the thickness of the wool is the same across the quilt.

When you finish or start using a color


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