Crochet V Puff Stitch

The crochet is a simple and interesting form of art que is great to use in creative pieces of clothing such as scarves. If you are just a beginner in crochet a scarf may look a little beyond his talent, However, the simple scarf can be easy with just a few techniques.

With thick lines, this model makes an elegant and light scarf que blends beautifully on a contrasting blouse. With thicker line When the pieces to produce the the scarf is comfortable and is a quick project.

The model is easy to adjust to any length and width you want and is a great gift. Who would not want to win this one que made by own hands, is not it? I hope you enjoy. Call (lush scarf) .

Sometimes when making such a beautiful project, we get emotional because we always remember our grandmothers, they always encouraged us to always do crochet or kinit or even embroidery.

As time goes by we see that all they did was to teach us, to give continuity to what our generation today does not know, that we can maintain the tradition of making our same blankets, scarves, blankets, and even to present someone we love.

Today I’m the one who tells my daughter not to mess up the yarns lol.

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