Corner to corner crochet pattern C2C

With C2C you can make “pixelized” designs, which means that weaving squares or triangles in different colors can form a wonderful pattern. We have seen many models and shapes like blankets, with character designs, well-known pieces, this technique already exists at times but today is much sought after.

Its graphic is easy, who makes that point knows that it is fast to complete a piece, besides being extremely perfect its points are highlighted, the form of piramede leaves an air of exotic. In the video we will see step by step how to weave the points with accuracy and clarity.

There are several models photos and videos on this point on the internet, but as my friends asked for much, we thought it would be a great job to divulge. Many troughs come to us to ask for these patterns, and we will always search the internet to bring the best for you, So let’s go ??

You’re going to fall in love with these pieces just like us, it’s beautiful to see.


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