Crochet baby cardigan pattern

Let’s learn how to make Crochet baby cardigan pattern ?.Do not you have babies? You sure know someone around you and you’re going to love getting a cute gift like that. Besides what’s always good to have such a recipe up its sleeve, right?

Let’s check out 4 tips that I have separated for you, two very simple and two a little more elaborate, has for all tastes. It is not difficult to create a cardigan in your home with simple steps. A super simple recipe to learn and perform. Check out the creation process and go figure out how you will make yours too. It’s really cool, you can even call a friend of yours to learn along with you. After all, two heads think better than one!

Friends, we want to inform you that all the pieces contained here are ideas of various virtual tours, where through inspirations from other blogs, magazines and images, along with our creativity we carry out our work. We thank and respect all the people who are dedicated to the same work and make our planet even better, more beautiful, more fun and more colorful. Thank you! A crochet size 4 crochet hook and double knit wool was used



The standard for a newborn

sliding knot

Chain (ch) 50

line 1

Treble (tr) in 4th ch from the hook

Tr in each ch (47 sts)

line 2

Ch 2


* 1tr on next 4 sts, 2tr on 5th st (rep from * to end) (57 sts)

Row 3

Ch 2


* 1tr on the next 5 sts, 2 tr / 6th st (rep from * to order) (67 sts)

Row 4

Ch 2


* 1tr on next 6sts, 2tr on 7th st (rep from * to finish) (77 sts)

line 5

Ch 2


* 1tr at 7sts next, 2tr at 8st (rep from * to finish) (87sts)

Line 6

Ch 2


* 1tr on next 8sts, 2tr on 9st (rep from * to finish) (97 sts)

Line 7

Ch 2


Create a bobble

* Wire over hook, hook through 2nd st, wire over hook, (* plus two times)

Pull the yarn through all the sts on the hook (7)

Wire on, pull through st

Create a bobble again through the same st.

* Ch 1, Miss three, 2 bobbles (representing twice * more)

Miss three, 1 bobble (3 bobble sets 1 in front)

Count 19

1 bobble in st

(That leaves a space for the cava)

* Ch 1, miss three, 2 bobbles (representing * 7 times)

Count 19

1 bobble in st

* Ch 1, missing three, 2 bobbles (rep from * 3 times to finish) ch1 miss a st

1 tr in last st

So you should have 2 x 3 bobble sets 1 in front


1/2 bobble, 7 bobble sets, bobble 1 on the back plus two 19-strand arm holes in each gap.

Line 8-16

Ch 2

* Miss three, 2 bobbles, ch 1 (rep from * to finish)

Tr at last st

When the cardigan is the necessary length ch 1, turn double chain (dc) around the edge on each st. Repeat.

I like to complete a third line of dc in the base of the cardigan to give a professional finish.

Squeeze out and weave into loose yarn.


Knot the wire under the arm to attach the two bobbles together.

Line 1-7

1 really loose ch

* 2 bobble in first st, ch1, missing three (rep of *) (6 sets of bobbles)

Slide the dot (ss) on the first

Line 8 and 9

1ch, dc in each st, ss in 1 st

Squeeze and repeat on the other sleeve.

This pattern has no button hole as a tape was used on the waist with two tr.

How to Create Button Holes

In the second round of DC when you get to the desired side for the button holes all you do is sacrifice about 2 dc, ch 3 instead and dc on 2 ch from the hook for as many buttonholes as you need.

You will need to stock up on wool as this is a cute little design.

To make larger cardigans

All that is for slightly larger and looser designs is increasing the size of my hook and wire.

You can also add multiples of six to enlarge the design. This is due to the design which requires two extra bobbles (one for each side to keep it uniform).

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