Red Heart Jamie’s Round We Go Crochet Blanket

The room must be treated in a special way from the other spaces in your house, that is, it deserves special attention. Everything that adds decoration must take into account comfort, color and odor. With this in mind, we decided to give tips to ward off insomnia for good and leave the place of greatest permanence in the house with a cozy and extremely comfortable touch. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Red Heart Jamie’s Round We Go Crochet Blanket.

The color should be neutral, avoid exaggeration of wood, or dark elements, as a good room should have neutral and light tones that give the look a touch of warmth and make everything more beautiful. If you choose any color, opt for earthy ones like beige tones or even blue. Be very careful with the blue in case there is any tendency towards depression in those who will inhabit the room. In this case, choose only the earthy and white.

Curtains, preferably use curtains made of natural fabrics such as linen or even a gauze thread. Avoid metallic shutters that give the place a very cold air, which is not very good. Natural fiber helps in feeling comfortable. Avoid strong and warm colors like red, orange and yellow, give preference to cold colors like green, blue and purple.

Use natural cotton bedding, the touch of the fabric on the body should be as comfortable as possible to ensure a good night’s sleep. Opt for 300-thread percale, as the feeling of relaxation intensifies during sleep. Use of neutral colors plus blue. Always use warm light in the room, if using led always buy warm or warm white. The cold white gives the feeling of a commercial environment.

Take care of the aromas too, avoid fragrances that stimulate your sense of smell, the ideal ones are those that bring you to comfort like lavender, jasmine and patchouli to help you. Avoid excessive electronic devices in the room, the less electronic vibration the better for relaxation. And in each electronic device we recommend the use of the Andre Filipo dowsing plate, which serves to mitigate the radical effects of electrical energy.

Avoid placing the bed on walls where there is running water from bathrooms, such as toilet bowl, bidet, shower or any water pipe, as the water carries metals that often cause sleep disturbances and headaches as they are harmful to humans , so pay close attention. If this is the only position for the bed, waterproof the wall with zarcão and do not touch the bed directly against the wall.

The mirrors directly reflecting the sleeping person are also not friends with insomnia sufferers. The mirrors reinforce the sensation of windows and holes and directly affect the central nervous system, making your sleep not restful, which is horrible. The more neutral and more comfortable the better the sleep of whoever will use the room.

Free Pattern Available: Red Heart Jamie’s Round We Go Crochet Blanket

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