Mary’s Wedding Quilt

Nowadays, small apartments or with reduced areas are becoming more frequent, limiting the possibilities of decoration. But with good planning it is possible to resolve these difficulties. Some tips are important when decorating small apartments, so that it is possible to provide a better use and functionality of the environments. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful
Mary’s Wedding Quilt.

First of all, it is very important to follow this first step: take the pencil and paper and write down everything you want or intend to have in each environment. Make a layout with the measures of each piece of furniture and decoration you intend to place, so that the proportions of the furniture are harmonious and the circulation is preserved. Check out tips and suggestions for decorating small apartments.

1 – A beautiful mirror cannot be missing in small spaces, since it conveys lightness and a feeling of spaciousness, in addition to decorating the environment. But be careful where you put it. The ideal place, in small apartments, is on walls that do not reflect places with a lot of information such as bookshelves and home theaters. Decorative accessories and plants are very nice reflected in it. Widely used in the dining room and in narrow corridors, the mirror needs constant cleaning.

2 – It is essential to have furniture planned in small environments, making it possible to design cabinets and functional shelves that meet all the needs you have. In small apartments, multipurpose furniture is also welcome, such as beanbags for feet that can also be a trinket box, a chest bed that can store bedding underneath, among others.

3 – Integrated environments is a great solution for small apartments, so keep that in mind. American cuisine goes very well in these areas due to its practicality and spaciousness. If the floor model is the same in all environments, the feeling of ‘breaking’ environments decreases. 4 – It is important to always use neutral colors. They help to provide a feeling of spaciousness and lightness in small apartments.

For those who like strong and vibrant colors it is better to avoid them as it can further reduce the spaces that are already small, remember this. Put them in details like cushions or blankets. 5 – The more natural light in the environments, the better. To highlight decorative pieces and places that need more lighting, the ideal is to use points of light embedded in the plaster that can be directed. Rips in plaster with built-in lighting are on the rise.

6 – Less is more. The less information the better, do not abuse too much of frames and accessories, they can overload the environment. They can pollute the environment and make it look messy. Carpets should also be used sparingly. Take care where to place it so as not to decrease the space and trip, the advisable is only in the home theater, if any. 7 – Practice detachment. Don’t keep what you don’t need. Learn that stuff stuffed without use is accumulated negative energy.

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