Banksia Baby Blanket

Coming directly from the subways of New York, London and Paris, the subway tiles, or simply subway tiles, landed in Brazil along with the trend of retro coatings, giving a way there in the traditional tiles. The subway tiles already celebrate 115 years of history, appearing for the first time at the opening of the New York subway in 1904.

These small rectangles measuring eight by 22 cm were created by designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge. At the time, the subway tiles were perfect because they managed to bring together high resistance, durability and an incredible ease of cleaning, besides, of course, having a very nice clean aesthetic, that is, ideal for public places of great circulation. In this post you will see more about it all and you can make a beautiful Banksia Baby Blanket.

But over time, subway tiles started to invade interior designs and now they can be found in the most different color patterns, ranging from white, original model, to the most colorful ones, like red, yellow and blue, which in fact are also very beautiful.

For those who prefer a subway tile with modern features you can bet on the current model manufactured with a beveled finish, where the side edges bring a slight beveled effect.

A very interesting side of these tiles is that they are not only characterized by the retro trend, quite the contrary, they are the face of the modern industrial style. It is no wonder that references on Pinterest with subway tiles keep growing with each passing day.

Free Pattern Available: Banksia Baby Blanket

Subway tiles and the importance of grout
The grout used next to the subway tiles is of great importance in the final finish of the coating. Basically, there are three main grout options that can be used for subway tiles: white, colored and black.

The white grout with white subway tile is a classic and blends very well with the cleanest and retro decor proposals that many use today.

For those who prefer to bring contrast in the composition, you can bet on white subway tiles with black or gray grout, this proposal is even perfect for more modern and industrial and Scandinavian style decorations. Finally, the most daring ones can choose the colored grout, but be careful not to overload the environment.

Where to use the subway
The coating is versatile. Nowadays it is possible to find subway tiles covering kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and even social environments such as the living room and dining room, in these cases, however, it is necessary to take care not to leave the environment too impersonal, since we are talking about a “cold” coating.

This tile is highlighted when in places with more visits.

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