Crochet Chicken Coaster Pattern

Hello everyone, great Saturday! It’s great to see you here, a sign that you like what we share and we feel even more motivated to continue. Here at Crochet Loves, you will find decoration patterns, clothing, accessories and whatever else you are looking for. And remember, we are always available to talk and make our community even more welcoming.

On the weekends we spend more time at home and dedicate ourselves to family time. With that in mind, we want to share with you a decorative item for your table setting. The crochet chicken coaster is the piece you need to protect your table and make mealtime even more fun.

Coasters protect furniture from getting stains, as well as making everything even more decorated. The crochet chicken coaster is a big hit, especially with little ones. You can make one in each color, matching the decor of the room, sousplat and dishes.

Regardless of the color, remember to choose quality materials. When we talk about items to place on the table during meals, we always run the risk of getting food on them. You will need to wash them and, to keep them looking beautiful for longer, the quality of the yarn matters a lot.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Another very important tip that the pattern’s author highlights is the following: “Weaving in ends with very small parts like the wattle, comb and beak can be tricky. Try weaving underneath the double crochet stitches in the shells on the wrong side of the work “.

To make it you will need the basic materials, yarn, crochet needle, scissors and darning needle. Following the instructions, in the end you will have a coaster measuring 11 cm across. But remember that this depends on the yarn gauge and the needle you are going to use. If yours doesn’t have the same size, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. Come, let’s crochet!

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