New Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello everybody! Looking forward to the weekend break? After a busy week, there’s nothing better than crocheting a little to relax your mind and body. And what do you think about making that slipper for your princess? We have a very beautiful model that we want to share with you, the New Baby Booties. Baby shoes are always a big hit around here.

They are quick items to make and are very delicate. In addition to being very comfortable, leaving the little one’s feet free to move. They are much easier to put on than traditional shoes. They don’t pinch their feet and, depending on the yarn you choose, they make them warmer. With this model it couldn’t be different. It is full of details and pearls that make the shoe even more charming.

Pattern size is for 0-3 month old babies. To increase, the main change must be made to the sole of the shoe. After that, you can follow the pattern steps, keeping the sole size you made. You can choose different colors and yarns for this pattern. Remember that the shoe is for babies, so the yarn must be soft and comfortable to the touch. Babies’ skin is more sensitive and these precautions must be taken.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Crosia Home

When buying pearls, make sure they don’t have any grooves that could scratch your little one’s feet. Baby parts always sell very well, it can be a great option for you to offer your customers. To make the new baby booties you will need: baby yarn and crochet hook. The detail of the pearls is optional, but they add an extra charm to the shoe. The tutorial is available at Crochet Crosia Home.

All the instructions you will find there with the details and, following them you will make beautiful shoes. We hope you enjoyed it and are ready to start crocheting. Take a moment on the weekend and make a pair, it’s quick. It’s a great pleasure to see you here, we’d love to share what we’ve learned with you. If you like it too, let us know here in the comments. Now, time to grab your yarn and crochet!

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