Crochet Dress

Crochet Dress that brings a romantic look that only crochet has, enabling several productions with elaborate pieces that arouse the desire of many women for pieces like this. This beautiful dress is a delicate and well-crafted piece that will result in a beautiful work with incredible charm. Craftsmanship fills us with joy when we can produce pieces like this. A perfect piece to boost your sales for beauty and elegance.

Crochet dresses are very versatile and can be used with various types of accessories, besides being in the focus of fashion and remaining a trend among women who love this type of piece. This is a beautiful template that can be used to compose the look for many types of events.

Fashion trend crochet dresses are still very successful and it is worth investing in this beautiful model that can be used in events that ask for elegance and delicacy in dress, believe me you will love the result of this piece.

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Crochet Dress


Size 46 -48
Crochet Yarn: It took 500g of Turkish Sarmasik yarn 200m /50g;
Crochet hooks 2.25-2.5-2.75mm

Crochet the dress from the neck – top to bottom.

With crochet hook 2.25, cast on a chain of 198 loops – 18 motifs (back and front – 5 rapports each, sleeves – 4 rapports each). One rapport = 11 stitches. Close in a ring, knit according to the pattern.

Stages of knitting the bodice of the dress

1 rapport in height – hook number 2.25 – in arches 3VP

2 rapport – hook No. 2.5 – in the arches 4 VP

3 rapport – hook No. 2.75 – in the arches 4 VP – preparation for adding a motive along the raglan line

4 rapport – hook No. 2.75 – in the arches 5 VP – adding a motif along the raglan line (back and front – 7 rapports, sleeves – 4 rapports).

5 rapport – hook No. 2.75 in the arches 5 VP – front armhole: increase in arches.

After 5 rapport in height, we split the yoke into front, back and sleeves. We continue knitting the back separately.

5.1 Asian sprout – 1 rapport in height on the back – hook No. 2.75 – in the 5VP arches. We knit only 7 rapports of the back.

6 rapport – we connect the front and the back, (if there is not enough volume in the chest, add the rapport in the undercut between the back and the front) and knit 14 downward rapports (7 in front + 7 in the back) . – hook No. 2.75 – in arches 5 VP.

7 rapport – hook number 2.5 – in arches 4 VP

8 rapport – hook number 2.25 – in arches 4 VP


Then knit a skirt according to the crochet pattern # 2.5 – 15-18cm.

Having knitted 40 cm, we turn to knitting according to the scheme of the last rapport of the yoke and knit 30-35 cm – 8 rapports in height.


We add another rapport along the sprout on the back (it turns out 5 rapports).

We knit two rapports in height with crochet #2.75 with 4 VP in arches.

Neck processing: we knit 1 row of RLS and 1 row of “rachiy step”.

The belt is connected from two strips of cord, folded and sewn together with beads. The thin elastic band is stretched inside the cord. For the belt on the dress, thin loops are tied at the sides.

Lining – stretch crepe-chiffon, perfectly matched in color. The lower dress is sewn to the neckline, and it is fixed pointwise along the waistline.

What Do We Think About This Pattern

Crochet Dress, a beautiful dress to change your style that you will definitely love, trust me, this dress will make your look even more amazing. Making pieces like this is always an amazing experience, believe me, you will love the result of this dress in your princess’ looks.

Are you in the mood to make this wonderful Crochet Dress? so come with us, follow the tutorial which is well explained and i am sure you will be able to make this wonderful project easily. A tip for you: Separate the materials and tools before starting the tutorial, so you can follow it and go on with the project!!

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