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Hi my loves! A little over a week ago we were here sharing all the most beautiful things with you. A few days away and we already miss you. We hope to find you well, looking forward to learning new patterns with us. Ready to have an amazing week, with beautiful patterns? To get started, let’s learn how to Crochet Umbrella. This pattern is very beautiful and I’m sure it’s different from anything you’ve ever done.

As you already know, crochet is present in the decoration of our homes, in our clothes, blankets, baby clothes, in everything. The crochet umbrella is amazing and you can use as a decoration item. It makes the environment more sophisticated and brings a touch of elegance as well. The designer made the piece thinking about using it at a wedding, as an accessory.

Whether for the bride or the bridesmaids, the piece will bring a very special touch to the occasion, making the ceremony even more charming. But don’t just think about that occasion, feel free to use your creativity to use and decorate different environments. The size varies a lot depending on the umbrella you choose to use as a base. Don’t just think about white, you can do it with the colors you prefer.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Crochet Crowd

Whether it’s a single color or those skeins of colorful yarns, it’s going to be amazing. You can reuse that umbrella that is punctured, that has loosened some part. It’s easy to use, release all the lines that hold the umbrella cover, if you have any doubts, the pattern has the shape used by the designer who can instruct you on how to do it. The complete crochet umbrella pattern is available in a video tutorial at The Crochet Crowd.

Do you like to learn this way, watching the video? We think it’s one of the most didactic ways to learn, but we want to hear from you too. Before you start crocheting, you need to watch the entire video at least once. Then start separating the materials you will need and start crocheting. It’s always better to know what you’re going to need to do what steps to take before proceeding. It’s always great to have you here with us, we learned many things together. Then tell us what you think, now let’s crochet!

How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions
How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions

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