Denim I Spy Rag Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loved ones! We hope you are all well, enjoying the weekend in the best way possible. If you have time and want to make a new pattern, how about taking a chance on a new quilt? The Denim I Spy Rag Quilt is incredible, a pattern that you will like and that can be made using old pieces of pants. The quilts are indispensable pieces on the coldest days, and they also complement the decor of different environments.

Large pieces like this can take a little longer to make, don’t cover yourself or be in a hurry. Handicrafts, as often as your profession, should be a pleasurable moment. Always put on a song, a movie that cheers you up and let’s start sewing. First, separate denim pieces that you will no longer use and can reuse them by making this quilt. The best way to make de marks is on the reverse side of the fabric.

So even if the scratches don’t wash out, your quilt won’t get stained. As for other fabrics, choose colors and prints that contrast with the denim. If the denim is dark, very similar colors will not show up or stand out. You can use scraps of fabric left over from other projects. Many colors match denim, it won’t be difficult to find colors that look good.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hangry Fork

If you like the quilt but don’t have enough denim to make it, you can make it with a similar colored fabric. Use a little creativity and we are sure it will look very beautiful. The Denim I Spy Rag Quilt pattern is available at Hangry Fork. There you will find the step by step, materials, cutting and sewing instructions and the video tutorial. Read the pattern a first time before starting to make it.

After that, time to sew. Did you like it? We think this idea is very beautiful and very different from the ones we have already brought here. Let us know if you are also looking forward to having a quilt like this. It is always a pleasure to have you here, we are very happy to be able to share new ideas and have this interaction with you.

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