Fireside Wrap – Crochet Free Pattern

If you were looking for a piece that hugs you on the coldest days, look no further. The fireside Wrap is all you need. Handcrafted clothing, full of personality and comfort. It’s that piece that doesn’t need a very planned look. It can be the simplest outfit, once you put on the fireside wrap, a wonderful look. For a cozier piece, choose softer yarns.

You can choose wool, which in addition to being soft is very warm, perfect for the coldest days. As for the colors, choose the ones you like the most. You can see that in the pattern there are several combinations with different tones and colors. It was a classic piece, full of charm. You can be inspired by these combinations, make new ones with different colors.

Take the opportunity to use creativity and take a chance on the combinations, I’m sure it will be beautiful. Parts of this pattern don’t require a lot of yarn, you can use it to make combinations with colors you already have. If you are still new to the art of crocheting, don’t worry, the pattern is not difficult. Before starting any pattern, read and understand all the step by step explained there.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Two of Wands

This helps you to stop less in the middle of the process and not have so many doubts. After reading and understanding, you will feel safe to start. The fireside wrap pattern is available in Two of Wands. There you will learn all the rounds needed to make the piece. It is a great gift option for family and dear friends.

A piece that expresses all your affection, care and dedicated time. We hope you enjoy this pattern. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments. We already want to see a lot of fireside wraps out there. If you have any suggestions, what you want to learn, comment here too. Enjoy your weekend, next week we’ll be back with lots of beautiful crafts around here!

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