In the Yarn Garden CAL – Free Crochet Pattern

Hi my loves! How is everything there? We spent a few days away, but we didn’t forget about you. We tested some patterns and are looking forward to sharing them with you and getting everyone to crochet. Today couldn’t be different, another beautiful pattern to practice, In the Yarn Garden CAL. This pillow is amazing, with delicate stitches and colors, it fits in almost any decoration, adding charm and a lot of elegance to the environment. 

It’s a very amazing, delicate and step-by-step artisanal process. In the photos you can see that the flower, the highlight of the center of the pillow is forming as we make the rounds. Then we end up with a well-crafted edge, it looks amazing. When we think about redecorating an environment, exorbitant values ​​already come to our mind. But with the right pieces, we were able to update the decor by making our accessories. 

This is the case with pillows. You can change the color and aesthetics of a place by adding as many pillows as you like. There are people who like to keep the pillows the same, while others take a chance on bolder color combinations. Another really cool touch you can give is mixing pillows of different sizes. This pattern is a little harder to change without losing all the details, but you can decrease or increase a few rounds from the edge and have a new pillow size.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: In the Yarn Garden

Following the instructions, in the end you will have a pillow of approximately 45 x 45 cm. It is worth remembering that the measurements depend a lot on the yarn and the crochet hook chosen. And each one has a type of stitch, tighter, looser, with time you will know how to identify and make any changes if necessary. The pattern is available at In the Yarn Garden.

It is separated into stages and each one comprises a few rounds. You can take advantage of this separation and make the pillow in stages. I must confess that my anxiety was greater and that’s why I’ve been doing everything at once, but that was my experience. If you don’t have much time, separate the rounds until you complete the pattern. Shall we crochet? Tell us what you think of In the Yarn Garden CAL here in the comments.

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