Granny Square Cabin Rug – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Look at the Granny Square Cabin Rug pattern coming here for us to learn together. Crochet is that technique for all times because you can make the most varied pieces with the same technique. That’s charming, don’t you think? And with carpets it couldn’t be different. Crochet rugs are probably the handcrafted pieces most found in homes, along with blankets.

It’s not just because they’re easy and quick to make, but because they give environments a super special touch of comfort, style and rusticity. Like most handcrafted pieces, they carry with them an affective memory that transforms our perception of the environment. For those who have a grandmother, mother or aunt who produces crafts, this memory can be even stronger, after all, having a decoration product at home made with all the affection for someone makes the house more cozy.

It is said that the arts in crochet have prehistoric origins, it is not known exactly how they emerged, but they say that the technique has French origins, and over time it spread to other countries, until it became a handicraft symbol all over the world. That is, the technique is really old and is part of the culture of different peoples. Considered as a timeless item, crochet in decoration can warm up the winter, add textures to environments, renew the look of a piece of furniture, or even simply give a retro touch to the space.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Highland Hickory Designs

The crochet is handmade and its artisanal characteristic is perfect to guarantee a much more personalized, cozy and charming decoration. It is a diversity of formats, textures and colors to decorate all rooms and make your home even more cozy. Come and get excited and learn how to make such a model by yourself. Just follw the step by step that we brought here. Crochet pieces are wildcards in decoration and you can use in any room in the house.

Next, we’ll show you how to use crafts in every corner of the house to make them more charming and with that cozy feeling. That’s why I’m sure you’ll find a prominent place for the granny square cabin rug in your home. Come check out the pattern that is available at Highland Hickory Designs. Read the step by step, understand all the stiches, choose and separate the materials and let’s crochet. Don’t forget to tell us what you think here in the comments, we want your feedback too.

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