Amy the Amigurumi Doll – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? I hope you were able to rest and ready for another week with lots of inspiration around here. Now, at the end of the year, we always want to give a gift to a loved one. And it was wanting to present my goddaughter that I learned to make today’s pattern, Amy, the amigurumi doll. A super cute, friendly and large model for the amigurumi patterns that we are used to.

Amigurumi dolls have been common since the invention of crochet, but lately they have become a trend due to the popularization of the technique. This type of toy has a special place in our childhood, after all, what would our make-believe games be without dolls?

In addition to being an alternative for those who want to present a child with something different, they are the opportunity for artisans to guarantee an extra income with a handmade product.


Therefore, the doll is a piece that, regardless of the season, is always in high demand and becomes easy to sell. It’s almost a consensus that the more references you have, the better your creativity becomes when making crafts. In this way, nothing better than exercising your imagination even more. When the intention is to create a crochet doll, amigurumi art can be an excellent option. This art, of Japanese origin, is marked by the presentation of simplified forms for human figures. With that, it will be enough to gather some geometric figures and create a perfect little doll.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Grace and Yarn

Models made using the amigurumi technique are usually quite simple. Thus, it will be enough to master the most basic points of the art of crochet and practice a little creating circles and cylinders. Afterwards, it will be enough to put everything together and bring your crochet doll to life. And of course, the existing templates on the internet can help you during the creation process in countless ways. In observation, try to pay attention to the constructions.


Note how, despite the size of the doll, the head, torso, upper and lower limbs follow a pattern based on geometric figures. Amy, the amigurumi doll, is made in stages too. Head, legs, arms. You can make the pattern in stages, according to the time you have. Check out the full pattern at Grace and Yarn. Ready to crochet? Come here in the comments and tell us what you think. We would love to hear your opinion and we welcome suggestions as well. Come tell us what your next project is.

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