Hedgehog Punk Pattern

Hello my friends, it’s good to have you here with us. Even though we haven’t shown up for a while, we know we can count on you to share beautiful craft patterns. We hope to find everyone well, healthy and willing to learn. This is the basics for making another crochet piece, let’s go?

If you, like us, are also in love with amigurumi, here’s a new model that will win your heart. The Hedgehog Punk Pattern is a very cute and friendly model, perfect for decorating the little ones’ room, as a toy or as a souvenir of a special date.

As it is a small amigurumi, the amount of material needed is also smaller. The details can be made from colored yarns, as well as the pattern. Here we chose to use yarn left over from other projects. They are small quantities, so you can save all the leftovers from other projects, they will be very useful here.

Hedgehog Punk Pattern // The Crocheting Andreas

Amigurumis are here to stay and adapt to all levels, from beginners to experts. This particular model can be your first project. The stitches needed are basic crochet stitches. All rounds are easy to understand. You will make each part separate and join them together at the end. So you can separate, do a little bit every day and not get lost.

As for the stuffing, I prefer not to put too much so as not to make the yarn too tight. If you have more space, the amigurumi becomes softer and more malleable. How about we start? You can find the step by step in The Crocheting Andreas. Each round is described in detail. With crochet we can always undo the round we don’t like and try one more time. The important thing is not to give up and complete yet another amazing pattern. We hope you like and enjoy all the instructions in this pattern. If you have any doubts, tell us here in the comments.

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