Morning Frost Quilt Pattern

Hello colleagues, nice to see you here. It’s always a pleasure to welcome you here and be able to share some of the handicrafts we make. There are so many beautiful models and wonderful techniques that it would be selfish of us not to share them with you. I hope you are inspired by all this and continue to create such beautiful pieces.

We are always looking to decorate our home, make the environment more comfortable for our family. And handcrafted items bring that warmth, even more so when we make it ourselves. Quilts always bring that touch of elegance and the Morning Frost Quilt is perfect for all of that.


With a simple model, but very chic and versatile, you can decorate different environments and transform the decor.


The finished size of the quilt is approximately 56″ x 56″. Can be used as a lap quilt or a larger wall hanging. And if you liked the model and want to decorate your bed, you can increase the size of the borders, adjust the size of the backing and batting accordingly. There is no one who can resist a well-made bed, and here you have the opportunity to combine pillow covers to make the environment even more comfortable.

Here is the Morning Frost Quilt Pattern // FaveQuilts

This is a duo that always look good togheter, pillows and bedspread. It’s comfort for sure. Keeping the size of the pattern, you have a quilt that also fits nicely draped over the back of a couch or chair or hung on the rails of a ladder to add coziness to your winter décor. Is there an armchair in the environment? It looks very nice too.

Here we are working with fabrics without prints, but you can choose the colors you like best. Just keep the contrast between your options. It highlights the design of the quilt and highlights all the work you went into making it. As they are essential items, you can make them as gifts for loved ones on special dates. Publicize your work and still save a little, there’s no way not to like it. Let’s start? Come check out the tutorial and, if you have any doubts, come and talk to us. Time to quilt!

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