How to crochet a beanie

Look, there are numerous models of crochet cap as they make it very easy, and they allow a simply incredible look, complementing your looks, as well as warm your head and make your winter days more comfortable and cozy. Among the many models you can find what you like, in simple models and easy to do, or with complicated plots such as braids and other points.

On the internet you can find many models with graphics if that is the case you want to make yours. It is very interesting that many post explanatory videos so fast but there are many people who still need the written standard. But to the readers here is a model of last generation, cap in relief one of the most recent works in crochet.

Another alternative is in you search for explanatory videos, which bring you step by step in a practical and clear way.

The models can appear with or without flap, with prolongation to protect the ears, with applications of flowers, in a single color or colored, anyway, any way you want. They can be called various names – hats, caps, berets – but regardless, we are talking about a popular accessory, easy to use and stylish. If you know some basics of crochet, you can use this article to follow a step-by-step process of creating a crochet cap for a man or woman. Let’s start!


                                                           Credits :Sheruknitting

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