How to crochet a granny square

We always see croches in a grandmother’s square. But mini is so wonderful cuddly and so beautiful that for baby blanket will be sweet. However, it was the first thing I saw (and researched a lot), this first project (the spring release,) and the first crochet love of many bloggers around the world.

This gorgeous model you can use in all sorts of things, like towels, blankets, bed covers, anything you want even pillowcases. So versatile, so fast, so many color choices and so easy to learn.

How to crochet a mini-grandmother’s square is the newest project of this year in this fabulous video tutorial you will surely learn step by step and how easy it is to do changing the colors they become more fun and sure to draw attention of much looks, , So let’s go to some images of the internet and some friends that presents us with these caprijos that come out of their own hands. Let’s hope you enjoy it.


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