Mara Crochet Kimono

Mara Crochet Kimono, the piece that is making success among women today. There are several models of it, being of different choices, but all following a pattern, having something to close them in the front or keeping open with nothing at all. This crochet piece is very beautiful and can be made very easily and with little material. Mara Crochet Kimono will amaze you, believe me.

An incredibly beautiful and charming piece, which can be combined with informal clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts, shorts, which helps a lot to form beautiful looks. And whatever your creativity desires. The color is also at your discretion choose the ones that best match your wardrobe, which will help you put together amazing looks.

Joker piece among the models can be used in the days of less intense cold and is a simpler option that can be used in place of the blazer because it gives an incredible touch to the look that makes everything better. This type of blouse is the most used in the days of less intense cold.

Mara Crochet Kimono

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Easy Crochet

Skill Level: Easy

Pattern Description: The Mara Crochet Kimono is a must-have for instant vacation vibes! The pattern has three rectangles, which makes this piece simple to work up and wear.


Approximate Yardage/Number of Skeins Required

S/M: 4 skeins, 670 yards

L/XL: 4 skeins, 784 yards

2XL / 3XL: 5 skeins, 910 yards

Approximate Dimensions

*Dimensions were taken after blocking

S/M: Back = ” 30 L x ” 22″W, Front Panel x2 = 30″ L x 12″ W

L/XL: Back = 30″ L x 24″ W, Front Panel x2 = 30″ L x 14″ W

2XL / 3XL: Back = “30 L x 26” W, Front Panel x2 = “30 L x 16” W

This kimono is oversized & loose. If you want a more fitted look size down, to shorten the panels crochet fewer rows. Sizing stitch count in the pattern will be S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL listed in parentheses.


  • ch(s) = chain(s)
  •  hdc = half double crochet
  •  dc = double crochet
  • st(s) = stitch(es)


What Our Crew Thinks About This Piece

This piece will give you that help to put together your look, Mara Crochet Kimono is very beautiful and has wonderful colors that will make your look wonderfully amazing, believe me, you will love it. Come and do Mara Crochet Kimono, I am sure you will not regret the result.

Do you want to make this beautiful Mara Crochet Kimono? So come with me and you will see that it is simple and fast. Start by separating all the material and tools you will need as well. Mara Crochet Kimono, the missing piece in her life.

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